So…..behind the scenes at TalentBlend we have been working hard on the new system and design for the site. There really are some great new features that we will go into full detail later on but right now we will just go through the changes.

Firstly is the appearance and design of the site. The previous version was very dark and felt closed in, this didn’t work because it completely contradicts what TalentBlend is all about, which is connection, expansion, creativity and community. So we completely started afresh. The result was a lighter warmer feeling to the entire site.

We have added some great features that will hopefully improve everyones experience on the site, the main ones are:

1. Multimedia Profile Covers (videos, images & playlists that you can add to your profile cover as a first impression of you and your work.)

2. Account Hopping (allowing the user to jump between different TalentBlend accounts whilst remaining logged in) this is especially useful for those that may have a personal account and also manage a company one, or for anyone that simply needs more than one account. Group accounts can even be managed by more than one person.

3. Status & Blender Post Search. (allowing users to search not only projects and uploaded content but can also search users posts for more accurate and precise coverage.

4. Facebook and Twitter Integration (we made it possible for people to find their Facebook and Twitter friends and interact with them on TalentBlend, link to their other social media accounts for reposting etc.

And many more fun things. TalentBlend is a community collaboration site, so go ahead and take a look and let us know how you feel about everything.