“It’s Not Competition, It’s Collaboration……but now we’re kind of doing a competition…… but it’s still Collaboration!”


So get your FREE TalentBlend T-shirt & goody bag!!

For the Christmas period we are doing a fun little thing at Ta

lentBlend. So the thing is, this year for Christmas we are encouraging people to leave the shops alone and insteaed get creative & give gifts that you have made yourself or something you have customized.

So for example this can be a shell that you have found and decorated, or a wooden toy / sculpture you’ve made, or a poem you have written. Whatever, as long as you been creative and made it yourself.

Then take a picture of it and post it here on the TalentBlend fb page:


And thats it!!

So the aim is to spend as little as possible.

The top posts with the most fb LIKES will win a TalentBlend “goody bag” & T-Shirt and 2nd & 3rd runners up will win a free T-Shirt. We will of course announce all the winners & promote their work online.

Deadline is 24th December 13:00pm GMT.

Enjoy, get creative and most of all have fun.

Merry Christmas,
TalentBlend Team 🙂


About Talentblend

The creative exchange to connect with exactly Who or What you need, Where & When you need them.

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