The Importance of Creativity for Human Beings Today.


As the world around us is continually developing we are finding ourselves conforming more frequently to routines. Over the years it seems that we have adopted various template like lifestyles in order to live life “correctly”; Go to school, go to college, get a qualification, get a good job, a career, buy property, save money, have kids & ensure that they have the opportunity to follow the same path that you did. A formula for a successful life if you will.

This formula is very practical but unfortunately tends not to be a lot of fun. Some that follow this pattern are lucky and get exactly the result that they want out of it, but many others don’t and are left feeling unfulfilled in life. What people seem to lack is the ability to be free and to have the time & space to be creative. Being a human being is all about being creative and being able to share that creativity. Whether you are creating a loving relationship with another person or if you have created a piece of art for others to enjoy, creativity & sharing makes human life actually worth something.

In the last few years we have struggled with a global recession and this has meant that people have less money, therefore less time to create and also are less able to feel comfortable taking risks, they are forced to stick to the security of the formula, after all at the end of the day bills need to get paid. But when we lose the ability to creative we become machines, mere functional tools. And that just sucks.

Work should be a functional means to an end, not a way of life. We need to make sure that we find the time and means to stay creative. As more & more people subscribe to this “template” of success & security they are losing imagination for stepping outside of it. We are becoming less and less independent and are therefore losing the ability to control how we live our own lives.

If kids want a toy and the parents cannot afford it then the parents either go into debt to buy it or the kids simply don’t get the toy. Why not improvise? Build it yourself. Even better, build it with friends. It will be much more rewarding in the end anyway. And you would probably have more fun creating it than you would have going to the store and paying for it.

Let’s find time & space to create with each other.


Principal dancer Artur Shesterikov shows his support for TalentBlend.

Principal dancer Artur Shesterikov shows his support for TalentBlend..

Dutch National Ballet Dancer Artur Shesterikov shows his support for Talentblend in San Francisco

Dutch National Ballet’s Principal Dancer Artur Shesterikov shows his support by wearing his Talentblend T-shirt whilst working with choreographer Christopher Wheeldon & Dutch National Ballet dancers Anna Tsygankova, James Stout & Maia Makhateli in San Francisco.

Dutch National Ballet & San Francisco Ballet have teamed up to present a unique production of Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella,

Thats a Serious Promotion Collaboration.





We have been receiving great support from all over but this pic is a quadruple wammy!

Here Rubinald Pronk from Pronk Dance is showing his support with his Talentblend t-shirt whilst using his personal Flexistretcher at the Carreno Dance Festival.


…..that’s gotta be the ultimate promotion plug…