Get The Most Out Of Your Online Presence In 2014!


It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time to push yourself and your creativity to the max. A little investment in the right areas could help attract some great opportunities and experiences further down the line.  So with that, we at TalentBlend decided to share a few pointers with you that will help to ensure that you’re getting as much out of 2014 with your TalentBlend profile. There’s plenty you can do to really improve your chances of getting noticed and getting invited onto some exciting projects. Here are the main ones that sometimes people forget, take a look and see what can work for you:

1. Profile Picture. Simple yet effective, it’s a real easy one to make sure you’re presenting yourself as best you can around the site. Without a profile picture your profile looks inactive and you’re probably not going to invite many people to get in contact. Add a profile picture that looks professional and ideally something related to your skill set, the more professional and relevant it looks the more likely other creatives will be interested in contacting you.

2. Cover Media. This is a great feature that allows you to post images, videos or sound clips right at the top of your profile allowing people visiting your page to see exactly what you want to show them. Make sure you have something up there that puts you in the best light. Again without it your profile page kinda feels a little unloved, so add something that you want people to see as soon as they hit your page.

3. Skills. Your skills are extremely important on TalentBlend, not only do they visually show to others what your talents are but they are also used in the search system around the site, if you haven’t accurately added your skills then you are really wasting one of the biggest tools you have to be discovered.
Specificity is a big help here too, the more specific you are about what you do the more exposure you will receive. So if you are a Ballet Dancer, instead of simply adding “Dance” as one of your skills you would see much better results adding “Ballet Dancer”. Not only will you be found for “Dance” but you will also be found for “Ballet Dancing” and will be higher up the search results. Also if you find that you have loads of skills then try and reduce them down so to focus on the areas that you are really concentrated on, if you have some skills that you are not really too bothered about or not actually very skilled in then it’s probably best to leave them out. Focus your efforts on your main strengths.

4. About Me. Or About You! And that’s what it should really be. This is a real simple one but really makes the difference between engaging with whoever is on your page and just being another face. Tell the world about who you are and about your work, what your ambitions are ideas that you would be interested in working on. Invite them to want to reach out to you.

5. Portfolio. Your portfolio is what will probably attract the most people to your profile. An updated well-presented portfolio with clear descriptions will encourage users to engage and hopefully “Blend” the work inside it. The more “Blends” a work gets the more people will see it and the more exposure you will receive as a creative. You can have a number of different portfolios, so you don’t need to cram all your projects or skills into just one portfolio.

6. Projects. Projects are the perfect way to find who or what you are looking for. If you’re looking to find someone to collaborate with then there’s no better way to do it than by posting a project. Similarly Projects are great to browse through if you’re looking to get on board with something.

7. Following. TalentBlend is a community, which means it’s all about people, if you’re not connected i.e. you’re not following or being following by anyone then life on TB won’t be very interesting. You need to build up a network, the bigger your network the more you will get to hear about, so jump in and get involved.

8. Blender. The Blender is the giant activity whirlpool for creatives on TalentBlend. The Blender contains all the activity that is happening in your network. You can post onto it with text and media and anything you post on your Board on your profile will come here too. Your Board and Blender posts are also searchable so if you’ve posted something like “Looking for a studio next week” or “need to borrow a drum kit on Thursday” then people can find it and get back to you. It’s a great tool to keep in touch with the community.

9. Post! Your Blender and your Profile Board are there for you to reach out to the creative world. Use it to post any updates, questions, suggestions or just let people know what you’ve been up to. Keep it interesting though, no one’s interested in exactly what time you cooked an omelet, not on here anyway, but do keep active and stay engaged. After all TalentBlend a community aimed at collaboration not competition, it’s about people working together on things they are passionate about, so most of all enjoy it 🙂




So…..behind the scenes at TalentBlend we have been working hard on the new system and design for the site. There really are some great new features that we will go into full detail later on but right now we will just go through the changes.

Firstly is the appearance and design of the site. The previous version was very dark and felt closed in, this didn’t work because it completely contradicts what TalentBlend is all about, which is connection, expansion, creativity and community. So we completely started afresh. The result was a lighter warmer feeling to the entire site.

We have added some great features that will hopefully improve everyones experience on the site, the main ones are:

1. Multimedia Profile Covers (videos, images & playlists that you can add to your profile cover as a first impression of you and your work.)

2. Account Hopping (allowing the user to jump between different TalentBlend accounts whilst remaining logged in) this is especially useful for those that may have a personal account and also manage a company one, or for anyone that simply needs more than one account. Group accounts can even be managed by more than one person.

3. Status & Blender Post Search. (allowing users to search not only projects and uploaded content but can also search users posts for more accurate and precise coverage.

4. Facebook and Twitter Integration (we made it possible for people to find their Facebook and Twitter friends and interact with them on TalentBlend, link to their other social media accounts for reposting etc.

And many more fun things. TalentBlend is a community collaboration site, so go ahead and take a look and let us know how you feel about everything.


British breakdancer Sebastian Loe shows his support for TalentBlend

British breakdancer Sebastian Loe shows his support for TalentBlend, in his own special way!

The STUNNING Ballerina Olga Malinovskaya.

The STUNNING Ballerina Olga Malinovskaya.

The STUNNING Ballerina Olga Malinovskaya.

Check out the rest of Olga’s Portfolio here:

“It’s Not Competition, It’s Collaboration……but now we’re kind of doing a competition…… but it’s still Collaboration!”


So get your FREE TalentBlend T-shirt & goody bag!!

For the Christmas period we are doing a fun little thing at Ta

lentBlend. So the thing is, this year for Christmas we are encouraging people to leave the shops alone and insteaed get creative & give gifts that you have made yourself or something you have customized.

So for example this can be a shell that you have found and decorated, or a wooden toy / sculpture you’ve made, or a poem you have written. Whatever, as long as you been creative and made it yourself.

Then take a picture of it and post it here on the TalentBlend fb page:

And thats it!!

So the aim is to spend as little as possible.

The top posts with the most fb LIKES will win a TalentBlend “goody bag” & T-Shirt and 2nd & 3rd runners up will win a free T-Shirt. We will of course announce all the winners & promote their work online.

Deadline is 24th December 13:00pm GMT.

Enjoy, get creative and most of all have fun.

Merry Christmas,
TalentBlend Team 🙂

Why creativity is so much more valuable than a price tag at Christmas.


I remember watching a movie a few years ago….I can’t remember the name of the movie or much of the plot (if anyone knows which one I’m talking about then post a message/comment) but I remember one short scene that stuck with me. It was where a boy and a girl are walking on a beach and the boy was picking up stones and inspecting them. He told the girl that he is looking for a special stone to give his sister for her birthday as his family has a rule that for special occasions (birthdays etc) if you give a gift it has to be something you have either found or something you have made. But cannot be something you have bought.

I liked this idea very much and every time a friend would have a birthday or when Christmas would come around I would always think of this. Unfortunately the world is at a place where gift giving has often become more of a competition than an act of warmth these days. More often than not the focus is on the price of whatever was given which determines the value of the act.

This is never as evident than at the time of Christmas. It seems increasingly that Christmas is a time of year that becomes ever more painful as we grow older. Starting off as a day that we are counting down to in June as children, then quickly becoming the thing that creeps up on us like the deadline that it now is.

We know this is happening when we hear ourselves in our early 20’s saying “Christmas……already?” This is because we know what is to come, it means a lot of running around for gifts, a lot of headaches over what mediocre gifts to give to whom, booking venues, organizing events, the spending of more & more money that fewer and fewer of us seem to possess and generally feeling forced to contribute to the Christmas cheer and seasonal festivities, which is mostly a lot of showing off & actions of self-interest and very little genuine acts of  true warmth & sincerity.

For adults Christmas is often a difficult, exhausting time of year. And what contributes most of all to this feeling of difficulty and pressure is the new commercially driven culture we are increasingly adopting of gift giving. It is quite incredible to realize that we have as a society managed to create a culture where we have forced ourselves into giving gifts that we cannot afford (and which the recipients often don’t really want). Just basically people spending money and handing over junk just to make sure they are keeping up with social norms.

This then poses the question “What is a gift?” and “What is the point of it?” I believe that you should give a gift only when you truly wish to do so and it should be given whole-heartedly. A gift is not really about the subject that has been exchanged but the intention and gesture behind it. This is the real beauty in gift giving. This is why I liked this scene in the movie, I like this “rule” that no gifts can be bought, only something found or something you have made yourself can be given. This puts the focus back into the act and away from the object.

So why struggle this year to hand over meaningless ipads & dvds….Why not make something for someone, yeah, with your own actual hands, or give them a special shell that you found on the beach, or write them a poem. I for one know that I would cherish a true gift like this so much more than another bargain bucket DVD of X Factor Auditions…..or even nothing at all and turn up to someone’s house with a genuine smile because you really are happy to see them.

Now believe it or not I’m no grinch. Christmas can be and should be a wonderful time of year to focus on true giving & warmth, not just to family and friends but to everyone. Get creative this Christmas, pour your creativity into something for someone & give a true gift. The aim should be to spend as little money as possible but invest as much time, love & creativity as you can devote. Try it with a group of friends this year and see how much more rewarding it is!

Merry Christmas and all that.

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Dancers from Ballet Boyz show their Support for TalentBlend.

Dancers from Ballet Boyz show their Support for TalentBlend.

Contemporary Dancers Adam Kirkham & Leon Poulton from the incredible Ballet Boyz show their support for TalentBlend during a rehearsal for their upcoming tour starting in January.

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The Importance of Creativity for Human Beings Today.


As the world around us is continually developing we are finding ourselves conforming more frequently to routines. Over the years it seems that we have adopted various template like lifestyles in order to live life “correctly”; Go to school, go to college, get a qualification, get a good job, a career, buy property, save money, have kids & ensure that they have the opportunity to follow the same path that you did. A formula for a successful life if you will.

This formula is very practical but unfortunately tends not to be a lot of fun. Some that follow this pattern are lucky and get exactly the result that they want out of it, but many others don’t and are left feeling unfulfilled in life. What people seem to lack is the ability to be free and to have the time & space to be creative. Being a human being is all about being creative and being able to share that creativity. Whether you are creating a loving relationship with another person or if you have created a piece of art for others to enjoy, creativity & sharing makes human life actually worth something.

In the last few years we have struggled with a global recession and this has meant that people have less money, therefore less time to create and also are less able to feel comfortable taking risks, they are forced to stick to the security of the formula, after all at the end of the day bills need to get paid. But when we lose the ability to creative we become machines, mere functional tools. And that just sucks.

Work should be a functional means to an end, not a way of life. We need to make sure that we find the time and means to stay creative. As more & more people subscribe to this “template” of success & security they are losing imagination for stepping outside of it. We are becoming less and less independent and are therefore losing the ability to control how we live our own lives.

If kids want a toy and the parents cannot afford it then the parents either go into debt to buy it or the kids simply don’t get the toy. Why not improvise? Build it yourself. Even better, build it with friends. It will be much more rewarding in the end anyway. And you would probably have more fun creating it than you would have going to the store and paying for it.

Let’s find time & space to create with each other.